In order to Keep the Ban on uranium mining in Virginia, your state public officials must hear from you. Follow these 3 easy steps to express the importance of the current ban on uranium mining in Virginia to your legislators.

Step 1: Visit the Virginia General Assembly website to find out who represents you in Richmond and the address for their district office.

Step 2: Hand write a letter to each of your public officials expressing your support for the current ban on uranium mining in Virginia.  Hand written letters are the most effective way to communicate to your public officials.  They receive hundreds of emails a week but only a few hand written letters.  If you need some tips, use the sample below but remember, the best letters are personal.

Step 3: Send your letter to the district office using the address you find on the Virginia General Assembly website.

If you need any help please feel free to contact us.

Sample Letter

[Your Public Officials Address]

Dear [Public Official],

I am a resident of ________________________________and I support the current ban on uranium mining in Virginia.

I am concerned about uranium mining because of the… (choose one or more and include your own reasons for being concerned about uranium mining)

Radioactive and Toxic Waste: If the ban were lifted, processed uranium would be shipped out of state.  Left behind for centuries would be huge volumes of radioactive and toxic waste, disposed near farmlands and local waterways.

Health Risks: Exposure to uranium waste has been linked to increases in leukemia, kidney disease and other severe health problems.

Downstream Impacts: A recent study predicts a spill at the first proposed mining site could contaminate drinking water for up to two years for Virginia Beach and other Virginia and North Carolina communities.

Statewide Implications: In the 1980s, uranium exploratory leases were acquired in Fauquier, Culpeper, Madison and Orange County.  While these leases have expired, if the ban is lifted it will likely be lifted statewide and these areas could be reconsidered for uranium exploration.  These leases sat along the Occoquan and Rappahannock Rivers upstream of drinking water intakes for Fairfax County, Orange County and Fredericksburg City..

Economy: Uranium mining is bad for the local economy.  The toxic legacy left behind by this dirty and dangerous industry will make it difficult to attract jobs to our community.

Other: Make this letter personal.  Why are you concerned about uranium mining?  Feel free to mention if you are raising a family here, if you have a farm or local business or any additional information you think is important for him or her to know.

I am looking to you to protect my health, the health of my neighbors and local economy.  Uranium mining in Virginia will put our drinking water, human health, farmland, property values, wildlife and tourism at risk.

Keep the Ban on Uranium Mining in Virginia.

Thank you,
[Your Name]
[Your Full Address
; Your Phone Number]

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